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As you spend time at home, you’ve probably already tried multiple new recipes, organized your house, and decluttered your closet. Well, now it’s time to step it up a notch with some interior decorating! 

There are many ways to incorporate current interior design trends into your home decor, while adding your own personal touch. Keep reading to learn about 3 DIY projects that’ll give your house a lively and modern feel. 

1) Dress up your dishwasher!

If you’re a fan of original and fun design, and are looking to add a pop of color into your kitchen, this DIY project is for you! 

Using old fabric or leftover wallpaper, you can customize kitchen appliances. It’s really simple, just take your material, scissors and a ruler, measure the dimensions of the appliance carefully and cut accordingly. Once you’ve prepped the covering, carefully place it on the appliance and voila! 

Full project instructions via House Beautiful

2) Use up old fabric

When going through your closets and drawers, you may have found spare fabric lying around. If not, you can find cheap, good-quality fabric on Amazon. There are many ways to use this fabric and create multi-use interior decorating items for your home. 

A great idea is to create book or magazine storage. Not only is it easily moved from one space to the next, but you can mix-and-match fabrics and prints to give it an extra fun touch. 

These storage “shelves” are a great touch for living room spaces, nurseries and playrooms!

Full project instructions via Table and Hearth. 

3) Fun labeling 

Spice up your space with customizable labels! These can go on kitchen tools, spices, bathroom goodies, cereal containers and anything else you deem necessary. Not only do they help give your home an extra personalized feel, but it makes organizing so much easier! 

To customize your labels, you can use sticker paper to create your own or purchase actual label stickers to assemble your label words and phrases. 

Full project instructions via Lia Griffith 

Looking to purchase a property to fill up with modern DIY trends and projects? Contact us to learn more about our current listings.

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