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Buying your first house can be nerve-wracking. With so many factors to consider, you might not even know where to start. The following are some great steps to get you started!  

1. Know what you’re looking for!

Some people start browsing for houses before even being sure of what they’re exactly searching for. One key real-estate tip is to come into the search with a clear vision of what you’re aiming to purchase! A number of rooms, the potential for renovations, big backyard, and specific square feet are amongst many other characteristics that will influence your decision to buy. 

2. Make sure there are no water problems

A house might be gorgeous and meet your technical standards, but inspecting the property’s water conditions is a must. Some factors to keep in mind is proximity to water such as rivers or lakes since you don’t want this exterior moisture making it anyway near the inside of your home. 

Other signs of water problems include any visual signs of mold growth, a possibly leaking tumbling system, or irregular ventilation. You want to be sure that the property has no possible water concerns that might arise later on. 

3. Hire a professional to inspect the property

This step might seem obvious to some, but always have a professional come take a look at the house before sealing the deal. Not only will this be key in determining water conditions and mold growth, but having professionals who can examine conditions of closets, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, etc., can help determine what will need renovations and what those could potentially cost. Avoid the hassle of unexpected extra renovation costs by bringing a professional in beforehand. 

4. Be conscious of what you can afford 

Before starting to look at properties, sit down and examine your personal finances and how much you’re willing to invest. You might fall in love with a house and then be disappointed by the total costs. To keep this from happening, it is great to come into the search with a budget in mind that your real estate agents will consider when picking what properties to show you. 

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