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FOMO – “Fear Of Missing Out” is real. It is especially real in Real Estate – it is the very reason we see multiple offers on a freshly listed home. The ability to leverage this emotional response from buyers has never been so powerful as it is today thanks to our integrated world of social media, websites like, and instant satisfaction consumers crave on all aspects of life. Because buyers can see in real time when a home hits the market, the idea of “you only get one time to make a great first impression” is more impactful than ever. If a buyer sees a home that looks great on pictures, or in an area they have been looking for, AND for the right price, they start wondering who else saw it too and the race starts.

Unfortunately, the opposite has also never been more damaging to sellers: when a buyer disqualifies your property, they will never revisit it online (they can block that home permanently). If they feel it is overpriced, they will save it and wait on the sidelines to see when the seller will drop the price.

The three components of creating the perfect FOMO are visual appeal, being at the right place at the right time, and price.

1. Visual Appeal

Over 96% of all buyers start shopping online – and they will move on if you do not catch their attention within the first 3 seconds. If they cannot see how great your home is from the pictures, then you may have lost the “perfect buyer”. Taking the time to prepare your home before it hits the market is not a luxury, it’s a must if you want to ignite the desire of buyers. At Cornice & Cobble, a stager consultation is part of the concierge service we offer you to get your home ready to shine.

2. Right Place, Right Time

Your property has to be seen by the right people at the right time (when they are on the market to buy!). If a buyer sees your property popping up in all the places they have been looking, the reality that other buyers are seeing it too hits home quickly. Unlike at our favorite clothing stores, there is no way the buyer can hide your home behind the out of season sweaters – the only way of hiding it from other buyers is to submit a competitive offer and take it off the market!  

3. Everything Sells – at The Right Price

There is that saying: Everything sells – at the right price.  The thing is, many times that ‘right price’ is very different from what a seller has in mind and what the market will bear (what a buyer will ultimately be willing to pay for it). There are several pricing strategies for each seller situation but if we want to create that fear of missing out, there are some time tested principles successful listing agents utilize. At Cornice & Cobble, we aggressively market your home with targeted social media campaigns and ensure your home is in all the websites your buyer will be, as well as offering Open Houses to provide that human touch to the experience. Depending on your submarket, we also offer the private listing experience that will get your home sold.

Remember, the biggest enemy of creating FOMO is days on the market. The longer your property sits on the market, the fewer buyers worry someone will come and snag it from them.  They have less and less desire to submit a strong offer and start to wonder why no one has bought it yet. It becomes a vicious cycle – they wonder what is wrong with it. Do not let your home become a victim of “nobody wants what nobody wants”, lets work together to create the perfect FOMO storm!

Are you ready to create real estate FOMO? Contact us today to get started!

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