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If you have been in the market for a new home, chances are Coronavirus has delayed your moving plans. While it’s hard to know when, or if, things will get back to “normal”, there is still plenty of planning that can be done in the meantime. Here is a list of things to think about when prepping the search for your dream home:

What neighborhood do you want to be in?

  • What kind of neighborhood are you in now? Do you want something similar or completely different?
  • Are you wanting something in town with easy access to shopping and restaurants? Or do you want something a bit more secluded, with room to breath?
  • How far is it from your place of work? Does commute time matter to you? 
  • Do you want something that is close to your dentist or doctor?

 What are you looking for on the exterior of a home?

  • What’s the curb appeal? How do you want people to feel when they come over?
  • Do you enjoy yard work? If so, how much do you want (simple yard mowing or full-on landscaping)?·
  • Do you want an outdoor living space like a deck or patio?
  • If you have an outdoor space like a deck, how much upkeep will it take (like staining or repairs due to weather)?
  • What’s the parking situation?

 What are you looking for on the interior of a home?

  • Are you looking for a completely different space overhaul or simply an upgrade?
  • How many rooms do you want? Don’t forget about amenity rooms such as an office or workout space.
  • Do you want more or less square footage than you currently have?
  • How many bathrooms do you want?  
  • Most importantly: does it suit you? Does it match your vibe or the vibe you want your home to be?

House searching can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for, especially with the incredible amount of options that are available. However, having a wish list is the perfect way to start your house hunting journey with confidence and helps avoid uncertainty since you’ll know what you’re actually looking for.

 Overall, think about the pros and cons of your current home and let those guide your search. Having clarity on these considerations will make it that much easier for you to communicate what you’re looking for in a home, especially to a realtor. 

Have the vision of your dream home ready? Give us a call at (210) 430-9111 to get your home search back in action.

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