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Alamo Heights is a beautiful city filled with over 100 years of history, located only 5 miles north of downtown San Antonio. Sitting on approximately 1300 acres, Alamo Heights contains over 3,000 houses, while maintaining its own police and fire station, providing comfort and safety to its residents.


In 1836 Alamo Heights was included as public land in the original appraisal of the city of San Antonio and was purchased by James R. Sweet. In 1922 the city of San Antonio wanted to annex Alamo Heights into the city government, but it was later voted an independent municipality.

Real Estate

With a wide variety of houses, ranging from small cottages, to enormous luxury villas, Alamo Heights is notably considered as one of the most attractive areas to live in San Antonio. The average price for a house in Alamo Heights is around $400,000, with properties starting at around $200,000 and ranging to millions.

Schools and Education

With its own independent school district, Alamo Heights has an excellent education system. According to AreaVibes data, Alamo Heights ISD has a graduation rate at 97%; 17% higher than the US average and 25% higher than Texas.


According to AreaVibes data, the chance of being a victim of crime in Alamo Heights is 1 in every 50 people with its crime rate being 16% lower than the US average and 23% lower than the Texas average.

Things To Do

There are many things to do in the surrounding neighborhoods of Alamo Heights, despite being located only a few miles away from the many attractions in downtown San Antonio:

  • Go shopping at North Star Mall or the Alamo Quarry Market
  • Go drinking with friends at Max’s Wine Dive
  • Take a hike at Brackenridge Park
  • Visit the McNay Art Museum

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